Watch Stewie Run Tactical Drills: This Kid is AWESOME!


After catching his video on YouTube, I am officially nominating 8-year-old Stewie’s Dad for the #ParentOfTheDecade Award.

Che Cook posted this awesome video of his son Stewie this week and it has our office going nuts! A parent not only teaching his son gun safety, but taking him to the range to run tactical drills?!

I think Gavin Newsom’s hair part just switched sides on his head.

Watch baby Stewie run drills with his Scorpion on the day he fired his first shotgun.

Dad says he insisted on rocking his AR500 armor despite the heat.

At least he remembered to top off his hydration pack.

So adorable and a great example of responsible parenting – check out this kid’s knowledge and respect for the firearm he handles with skill! The only thing I would say is that I wish his finger was off the trigger when he wasn’t shooting.

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