Utah Concealed Firearm Permits Get a Facelift

The state of Utah is incorporating new security measures into their newly designed concealed firearm permits.

The new design drops a bright red line across the top and includes a hologram overlay of the Utah Department of Public Safety’s recently redesigned logo, among other changes.

Jason Chapman, supervisor of the DPS Bureau of Criminal Identification, said Tuesday that the new design will start showing up on newly issued permits in about two weeks, when supplies of permits with the current design are expected to run out.

Permits with the old design will be valid until they expire, Chapman said. Permits are good for five years.

“The look might be different, but they’re just as valid as the old ones,” Chapman said. “We want everybody to know there’s no difference between the two cards.”

About 70 percent of the more than 600,000 concealed carry permits issued by Utah have gone to people living outside of the state. Utah residents pay $39 for a permit and out-of-staters pay $49.

DPS will save about a dime per permit using the new design, according to Chapman. The money goes into a restricted fund used to operate the permit program.


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