Home Intruder Dead Wrong for Targeting Wheelchair-Bound Veteran

If 22-year-old Andre Smith thought he had found an easy target in 69-year-old Eddie Frank Smith, he was dead wrong.

(pun intended)

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirmed Friday the disabled Vietnam veteran shot and killed the home intruder after he broke into his home in Jasper County.

Investigators said Eddie Frank Smith, a Vietnam veteran who is confined to a wheelchair, heard the rear door breaking, and went to investigate the noise. They said Andre Smith (who has no known relationship to veteran) had forced his way into the home through a rear door.

Smith allegedly lunged toward the veteran who said he fired a single shot at the intruder, striking him in the chest. The wounded Smith then fled from the home, but collapsed on Benton Street about 100 yards from the house, agents said.

Neighbors saw the wounded man in the road, and called 911. Eddie Frank Smith also called 911 to report the incident, the GBI reported.

Medics transported the younger Smith to Jasper Memorial Hospital where he died later from the bullets he caught from his intended victim.

No charges have been filed against the elder Smith and officials said the shooting is still under investigation.

Well done, sir!