Armed Masked Men Shot by Would-Be Victims

Tucson News Now
A group of armed, masked men broke down the door to an apartment building on Tucson’s South side at approximately 5:30 AM on Sunday, said Sgt. Pete Dugan of the Tucson Police Department.


The targeted attack may have intended to catch their victims unprepared, but it didn’t catch them unarmed.

Occupants of the apartment shot back at the intruders, striking one of the suspects in the leg. He suffered life-threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital.

He has since been upgraded to serious condition with non-life threatening injuries.

Police are searching for the other home invasion suspects.

This was a targeted attack and not random, according to Dugan.

Bullets went through the apartment walls into a neighboring unit, though no one was struck. A water main line was pierced and multiple apartment homes below were flooded.

The incident remains under investigation, but once again – here’s an example of how guns do save lives.

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