Store Clerk Holds Armed Robber at Gunpoint for Police

In Park City, Kansas, police have two men in custody thanks to the quick thinking, and quick shooting of an area liquor store clerk.

The incident happened at the Park City Liquor Store Tuesday night, when police say two armed men entered the store in an apparent armed robbery.


What they weren’t counting on was the store clerk’s ability to defend himself and the store!

Police say the suspects entered Party City and pulled out handguns, but the clerk had one of his own and fired it several times at the would-be robbers.

Police reported the clerk was able to hold one suspect at gunpoint until officers arrived to make an arrest, and while the second suspect fled to Kansas City, Missouri, he eventually surfaced at a hospital emergency room with a gunshot wound, and police arrested him there.

Formal charges in the case had not been filed as of Wednesday afternoon, but thanks to this armed and prepared store clerk, this pair of armed robbers are behind bars where they belong.

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