Interested in a Roadtrip? Check THIS Place Out:

If you’re looking to take a gunny roadtrip in the Great Plains to visit this Memorial Day weekend or anytime, check out the over 7,000 firearms that reside inside the Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

An impressive 150 years of Winchester guns make up a large part of the collection.

Museum curator Ashley Hlebinsky works to combine her love of history and firearms to provide an educational experience for all who visit:

“Firearms have rich stories to tell about manufacturers, consumers and users—and their overall role in American history and culture. For example, I own several modern handguns as well as a few antique firearms, including a Springfield Model 1861. I really love the Springfield because it was given to me by a family friend who found it in the walls of a house when he was growing up. The gun was in pieces, including a broken stock. I worked with a firearms curator in Pittsburgh to repair the gun for him, and when I was finished, he gave me the firearm to keep.

As a museum professional with a specialty in the history of firearms in American culture, I use objects to educate the public, and use stories to lend a unique perspective to the interpretation of firearms throughout history. It is not my desire to draw conclusions about these stories. Instead, I want to provide a learning environment for enthusiasts, novices and those with apprehension toward firearms to come together in amiable discussion.”

The Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West is located in Cody, WY and has great reviews from visitors across the nation:

  • An absolute must visit if you like museums. Plan 4 hours minimum to hit it all. All the museum wings are good. The displays are very informative and well put together. I’ve been a few times over the years and I like that there is something new every time when I really am just expecting to share it with a friend who has never been. Friendly staff.
  • Great museum! Worth the stop especially if you are hoping to learn a thing or two.
  • Gun fight in the middle of the street. This is one of the thing we saw in Cody, WY. We stopped here on our trip to Yellowstone. It is near the East Gate of Yellowstone National Park. It is named after William Frederick Cody, known as Buffalo Bill. Cody, which calls itself the “Rodeo Capital of the World”. It is also host to the Cody Stampede Rodeo, one of the largest rodeos in the nation.
  • This Museum is the most incredible place to visit. We spent an entire day exploring it and barely scratched the surface seeing it. My son and myself really enjoyed the Gun Museum. Could spend days down there looking at them all. Buffalo Bill Cody sure was one of the greatest showmen of his time. Amazing tribute to his life. We plan to visit it again next time we are in Cody.
  • Very nice. Good learning experience for all ages.

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