Crowbar-Wielding Home Intruder Comes Face-to-Face With Armed Resident

In the early morning hours on Sunday in Taos, NM, a home intruder armed with a crowbar was forced to see the error of his ways when a resident shot him in the face in self defense.


Crowbar-wielding burglar? Meet the armed resident you thought you could victimize.

According to interim Police Chief Lt. Dave Maggio, Yvon Juteau, a man known to police from previous incidents, broke into a house on Juniper Street while the home’s residents were sleeping.

After Juteau approached the residents with a crowbar, one of the residents drew their gun in self defense, shooting “three times with a .38, hitting the suspect in the face,” Maggio said.

Police were able to track Juteau’s blood trail to a nearby field, where he resisted police and was tazed with a high voltage stun gun. Juteau was taken into custody and transferred to Holy Cross Hospital where he is in stable condition.

Pro tip: if you don’t want to be tased, bro – don’t resist arrest after breaking into someone’s home with a crowbar and being shot in the face.

Thankfully, someone in the home was armed with a gun when a bad guy with an ordinary tool, which could be used for good or evil, broke in and could have seriously hurt this family.

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