MSNBC Gun Poll Backfires Spectacularly

A recent MSNBC poll posted recently asked readers, “Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in public?”

The poll question gave readers three answers to choose from in their response:

  • Yes! The Second Amendment guarantees it.
  • No, it’s too dangerous.
  • Only for self defense.

I find it interesting that the notoriously left-leaning site hilariously listed “Only for self defense”, as if people would have any idea when they would need to carry a gun for self defense. Did criminals start giving people a head’s up as to when they’re planning to attack their victims?


But after more than 480K readers cast their votes in the poll, one question emerged the overwhelming favorite by more than 90% of those who responded.


Almost 415K people voted for answer number one: “Yes! The Second Amendment guarantees it.”

Pretty impressive considering the source of the poll!

Think media outlets like MSNBC are finally hearing We the People on gun rights?

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