Portland Mother Shoots Boogeyman in Child's Bedroom

A 33-year-old woman returned home Sunday morning with her children to a frightening discovery.

A home intruder.

The woman and her two children arrived at their home on the southeast side of Portland, Oregon at approximately 1:45 a.m. Sunday morning and that’s when, police say, she found a 59-year-old man in one of her children’s bedrooms.


Luckily, the Portland mom was armed with a handgun for self defense and to protect her children.

The mother drew her weapon and shot the home intruder, killing him dead.

Police say the homeowner has been cooperating with authorities and the incident is under investigation. They have yet to confirm whether or not she will face charges for the shooting or if they have deemed it self defense.

As a mother, I can’t imagine how scary that must have felt for her to have found a man in her child’s bedroom! I cannot fathom the amount of fear and adrenaline the sight of that man when she went to put her child to sleep. BRAVO, MOM. Women like you are an inspiration and this is yet another incident proving why millions of moms and parents remain armed and ready to defend their families!

Authorities are asking for anyone with information about this case to contact Detective Anthony Merrill at 503-823-4033 or [email protected].

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