Woman's New Boyfriend Introduces Himself to her Ex- With a Headshot

When her ex-boyfriend came over late Sunday night, it’s safe to say this Philadelphia, PA woman was pretty glad the new man she chose was armed.

The woman and her boyfriend were in their home just before midnight on Edgewood Street in Cobbs Creek along with two children when police say her ex-boyfriend broke in through a window.


Thankfully, the man of the house caught the 24-year-old home intruder before he could reach the woman or children in the house. He drew his gun and shot him twice in the head and twice in the arm.

The couple called authorities to report the break in and shooting and police arrived at the home at approximately 11:45 p.m.

Medics pronounced the home intruder dead on the scene.

Police said the suspected shooter was taken into police custody at the scene, but have not indicated if charges will be filed against him.

Yet another good guy with a gun protecting a family from harm – nicely done, sir!

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