Nothing Illustrates America's Breakdown Like This:

(Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune)
(Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune)

Well, it’s Independence Day once again, fellow patriots.

You know what that’s got me thinking about?



Having just hit the halfway mark in 2016, the windy city has already witnessed 315 murders – up almost 50% from the same time last year – and more than 1,600 shootings and 1,953 shooting victims. At least 10 people have already been shot, one fatally, in Chicago between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning of the 2016 Independence Day weekend, police said.

Nothing illustrates America’s breakdown like the way the president’s hometown celebrates its holidays. Memorial Day: 12 dead, 56 wounded. The Fourth of July: 10 dead, 53 wounded. Labor Day: 9 dead, 46 wounded. This kind of third-world carnage has become absolutely … normal.

If the president held a press conference every time multiple people were murdered by criminal gangbangers with illegal guns in Chicago, we’d hear from him almost every day. Instead, he says nothing. And the untold secret in Washington is that he has all the laws he needs to stop the bloodshed now.

Under the existing federal gun laws, he could take every felon with a gun, drug dealer with a gun and criminal gangbanger with a gun off the streets tomorrow and lock them up for five years or more. But he won’t do it, his Justice Department won’t do it, and the media never asks why. So convicted gangbangers carry illegal guns because they fear rival gangs more than they fear being prosecuted for a gun charge.

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