Gas Station Love Connection Turns Deadly in Georgia


A blind date at a Shell Food Mart in DeKalb County, GA turned deadly when the hookup detoured into an armed robbery and kidnapping.

The two men involved had arranged to meet up at the food mart gas station to engage in a ‘sex act’, but one of the men had a much different plan in mind. When the two met up, he pulled a gun on his date – kidnapping him at gunpoint.


The suspect drove the victim to a local ATM where he then forced him to take money out of his account.

But when the men arrived back at the Food Mart and the victim’s car, he had a chance to turn the tables.

The victim retrieved his gun from his vehicle, then shot and killed the suspect. He then alerted police to the location of the shooting and remained at the scene until authorities arrived.

The victim turned survivor is cooperating with police and the incident is still under investigation.

Man… am I glad I’m not single anymore, but for the love of Pete: please be aware of your surroundings and who you’re meeting (or hooking up with) online. We’ve seen quite a few of these ambushes via online dating sites so just be safe!

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