Paul Ryan Faces Mutiny Over His Gun Grab Gambit

In the aftermath of the Orlando shootings… shootings which were carried out by a known Islamic extremist… the Democrats have managed to successfully change the narrative from “what do we do to eliminate radical Islam in the United States,” which would be an actual step forward, to “how do we make it harder for law abiding Americans to own firearms.”

As it never fails to happen, otherwise sensible Republicans get rubber-kneed and watery-boweled at the thought of confronting the Democrats over the idea of civil rights when it comes to firearms.

To review the bidding, the only way the shooter was going to be prevented from shooting up that Orlando night club under the inspiration of ISIS was:
a) if his father had been banned from coming to the United States or
b) if the FBI had actually done its job and arrested Mateen on one of the at least two occasions in which he was questioned about his links to terrorism.

But we have to do SOMETHING, right?

To that end House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy unveiled an “anti-terrorism” bill. In the main, it was simply pap. Corrosive pap, but pap nonetheless. It has three parts:

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