Two More Cops Shot In GA, Man Opens Fire On White People & Police In TN Over Recent “Incidents”, One Dead

Three more shootings since Dallas. One more death. It’s bad out there.

Yesterday morning, a police officer in Valdosta in South Georgia was shot multiple times, and shot his assailant. The officer was responding to a call of vehicle damage and potential break-in, but it is not know if the shooter was involved in a crime at the time. The officer was hit below his vest in the abdomen, as well as taking several other shots, and was taken into emergency surgery. He is now recovering.


Also in Georgia yesterday morning, a police officer in Roswell was shot while on patrol. A man fired at the officer from his car. The officer pursued, the suspect crashed his vehicle, and he is now under arrest. He was in possession of methamphetamine and is charged with, among other things, driving a stolen vehicle. However, the officer on patrol did not know any of that and was not pursuing him. The officer was unhurt.

In both cases, authorities have declined to offer motive for the shooting.

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