Professional Race Baiter Claims the NRA is Racist - Noir Responds:

In a video taken in New York this past Saturday, professional race baiter Reverend Al Sharpton can be heard claiming the NRA is racist, and that African-Americans “do not have the same Second Amendment rights as others”.

“Where is the NRA now?!” Sharpton screamed from a podium as he preached to a crowd about the officer-involved shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. “Maybe you mean that the Second Amendment are for whites only!”

Joining the Fox & Friends hosts this morning live from Dallas, NRA commentator Colion Noir had some sharp criticism of the Reverend’s claims, saying:

“I was a bit confused because if you went back and recounted the history which he experience during the civil rights movement, you had organizations like the Deacons for Defense who were a black arms self-defense organization to protect the civil rights organizations who were NRA members. Not only were they NRA members, they also bought their ammo from the NRA. So considering the racial tensions during that time period, if the NRA didn’t care about black people, why were they then giving them the ammunition they needed to protect themselves from groups like the KKK?”

Noir went on to say, “I don’t know if he (Sharpton) forgot about that part of history or he just never cared to pay attention to it.”

Colion continues to fight hard for Second Amendment rights just as he did long before he was hired by the NRA as their first commentator, and had a lot to say about people’s claims he is being used as a spokesman for the gun lobby – watch his response:

Colion also went on Fox Business to refute Sharpton’s comments as well:

Keep it up, Colion – America needs your voice now more than ever!