Steven Crowder Debunks Black Lives Matter Propaganda

You know you love him. Steven Crowder, of Louder with Crowder fame, took on the Black Lives Matter propaganda this week in a fact-filled piece that made me laugh and cry.


Cover your ears, protesters, Lord knows you can NOT handle the truth bomb about to be dropped here:

You’ve heard the meme (propaganda) time and time again, courtesy of #BlackLivesMatter. Black people are killed by cops. For being black. Especially unarmed black men. Those racist cops can’t seem to get enough of those innocent, unarmed black men.

Except no. Because this is real life. Learn something.

This is why we’ve said, time and time again, to WAIT FOR THE FACTS. Because as it turns out? Kind of important. Are some cops racist? Yes. As are some doctors. Or presidents. But that doesn’t mean all cops are out to hunt unarmed, innocent black men. Because the facts matter.

Don’t fall for the ruse. Get the facts.

Yes, we provided a list of our sources. Unlike our counterparts at #BlackLivesMatter. You’re welcome.

Watch Steven tear apart the Black Lives Matter narrative case by case: and then try to get his original theme song ‘Black Lives Matter’ out of your head afterward. I dare you.

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