Realtor Changes the Listing on Unwanted Tenants

On Friday evening, a realtor in Jonesboro, AR was preparing a home for a showing when she encountered something that definitely was not part of the listing: three intruders.

The realtor told police when she entered the home on Turtle Creek Drive, she saw two suspects running out of a room and found a naked man lying face down on a bed.

The woman pulled her gun and commanded the suspects return to the room while she called 9-1-1. She kept her gun drawn until police arrived at the home.

When they entered the home, police discovered the naked man, identified as 38-year-old Corey Vandyke, still passed out on the bed. By the time officers gained entry into the locked room where the other two suspects were believed to be hiding, they had jumped out of the window and escaped on foot.

Police also say Vandyke became combative when they woke him and became combative, even threatening ‘to put a bullet into the back’ of one officer’s head and claiming to have a .22 rifle with iron sites that he would ‘put between their (the officers’) eyes’.

An unloaded rifle and a shotgun were removed from the home as well as a marijuana plant growing in the yard.

Vandyke’s listed address was at the home but police were unable to get in contact with Vandyke’s wife to determine if his estranged wife was allowing him to stay in the home. The realtor said she had been showing the house for months and believed the home to be unoccupied.

Vandyke is being held at the Craighead County Detention Center on a first-degree terroristic threatening charge.

I would encourage realtors nationwide to arm themselves for their protection, you never know what you’re going to walk in on when you’re showing a home that’s empty!