Armed Robbers Outnumber Victim 3-1, but Guess Which one was a Better Shot?

When will criminals learn? If you break into someone’s home, you shouldn’t expect to make it out alive.

Especially when your ‘victim’ is armed.


Police in Mobile, AL were called to an apartment complex on Texas Street shortly after 2 a.m. Saturday morning to investigate a shooting.

Mobile Police Department said three armed robbers, Deidra White, 24, Donald Denson, 19 and Eddie Hardy, 19, broke into an apartment in an apparent armed robbery attempt. The tenant heard the home intruders and grabbed his firearm for self defense. After a confrontation and a shootout in the apartment, the intruders fled on foot.

But not without a little parting gift for their efforts.

Hardy, who suffered a gunshot wound courtesy of the armed (and obviously better trained) tenant, was driven to a local hospital by his partners in crime where police say he died from his injuries.

The tenant was also shot in the incident, but thankfully suffered a minor, non life-threatening injury.

Police have confirmed they arrested and charged both Denson and White. Denson has been charged with attempted murder and robbery first degree White has been charged with first degree robbery.

No other injuries were reported in the incident.

Remember, criminals – crime doesn’t pay!

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