Watch What One KY Couple Caught This Brazen Armed Robber Doing in Their Home

A couple from Brandenburg, KY came home Friday night to a man armed with an air pistol in their Meade County home.

Ron and Betty Sheffield were unaware of the incident, but their home security camera caught the whole thing on video, and the burglary itself was the least shocking thing they saw.


Police identified the armed robber as 29-year-old Mark Jones, and he can be seen holding a large pellet gun while searching through the home with a trash bag.

When the Sheffield’s dog Shadow wouldn’t stop barking at him, Jones shot the dog before stealing four antique pistols, a crossbow and a knife. Then, Jones threw the knife at Shadow.

But as the dog continued to bark, Jones used one of the Sheffield’s pistols to shoot the poor pooch.

The security camera video also shows what happened when the Sheffields returned home after Ron entered the house with his gun drawn.

“When I pulled in the driveway and saw the side door open and the storm door closed,” Sheffield said, “that shouldn’t (have) been that way.”

Jones was holding a machete in his hand when Sheffield commanded him to get down on the floor or be shot.

“He hesitated for a second, and I said, ‘Go down, or your dead.’ And he said, ‘Alright, alright, alright,’” Sheffield said.


The homeowner held him at gunpoint until police arrived. Jones was arrested and charged with burglary, theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property and animal cruelty.

Police also found more stolen property on Jones from another location in a trailer he had stolen. The trailer was attached to his vehicle.

But just five days later, Jones was free to rob again.

“I was shocked when I called police and they said (Jones) was released on a bond for $1,000,” Sheffield said.

Thankfully, Shadow is expected to survive the incident.

Watch more of the home surveillance video [HERE]
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