77-year-old Woman Gives a Pair of Home Intruders Both Barrels

What happens when a pair of home intruders pick an elderly lady as an easy target in Hillsboro, MO?

They get both barrels.

“She grabs the shotgun and goes back to where she hears a noise and finds two individuals inside one of her spare bedrooms,” Detective Sergeant James Kauzler with Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department described.


It happened in the early morning hours of July 17th on Rock Creek Road. The woman heard a noise in her home and instinctively grabbed her gun before heading back to investigate.

The homeowner confronted the suspects and when they saw the gunny granny, police said they jumped out the same bathroom window they used to get into her home.

87-year-old neighbor Doris Jackson said she’s concerned about the crime, but said she’s not scared of criminals, and warned them her neighbor isn’t the only grandma in the neighborhood with a firearm.

“How about a nine millimeter. I wouldn’t have a shotgun but I have some more besides that, I’ve got some guns you know,” said Jackson.

You go, grannys!!


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