Media Dishonesty

What does it mean for a country when its citizens turn on the news and expect to be misled by the media?

Because the reporters who once served as freedom’s fearless watchdogs feel like distant characters in a fading memory.

Today, too many journalists are just actors, playing to their bosses’ script … why tell the truth when you can sell a lie for more?

There’s a price to pay for all this dishonesty. If the free press won’t protect free people, it’s our job to demand they do it.

Do the work you say you do. Aim your First Amendment against hypocrisy and corruption like a hammer of the people. Kick down the doors of any leader who deceives us. And never tolerate dishonesty from your own ranks.

That’s what the Good Guys demand.

We’re the 5 million men and women of the National Rifle Association of America—and we will not play along.

Join the NRA. Help the Good Guys fight the good fight.