Family Dollar Store Customer Gives Armed Robber More Than he Bargained For

A Family Dollar Store on West 117th and Bellaire Avenue in Cleveland, OH was the site of a shootout Sunday night when an armed citizen stood up to an armed robber.


The incident took place shortly after 3 p.m. when witnesses say an armed man tried to rob a man in the crowded store parking lot.

According to Linndale Police Chief Tim Franczak, both men fired their weapons, but the gunfire ended when the customer, who has a legal CCW license, shot the armed robber in the head.

Franczak said the store was packed with people back-to-school shopping, taking advantage of Ohio’s tax-free weekend and the busy intersection was packed with cars when the shooting happened.

“You can’t get a more dangerous situation than that,” Franczak said. “This has got to stop. We have to figure out a way to stop these shootings.”

Pretty sure the more criminals are confronted and shot in the head by armed citizens, the more these shootings will stop, but that’s just my opinion.

Only the armed robber was injured in the incident. The suspect was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center and was listed in critical condition Monday.

Police say the armed customer was not a store employee and are still investigating the incident. Franczak said no charges have been filed against either man at this time.

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