California is on Pace to Sell an Impressive Number of Guns in 2016

California, widely referred to as Commiefornia for the anti-gun laws in the Golden State, is definitely rocking gun sales this year. Data shows they’re on pace to sell over a million guns in 2016.


Through late July, gun sales rose to 554,203 firearms sales after the Orlando and Dallas shootings.

Nine of 2016’s ten busiest days for gun sales have come after a gunman opened fire in an Orlando nightclub on June 12, killing 49 people. The third and fourth biggest days for gun sales came the following week on July 7 and 8, just days after the shooting in Dallas that killed five police officers.


Another reason for the rise in gun sales has been following legislator’s calls for additional gun control laws in California.

“The reason why we’re seeing another spike in gun sales is fear of gun control,” said UCLA Law Professor Adam Winkler. “One of the ironies of gun control is that when reform is proposed, many people go out and purchase guns thinking that those guns may soon be banned.”

Thanks, Governor Brown and Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom.

Data also shows that 6,355 firearms sales have been stopped through background checks. That averages out to about one rejection for every 100 sales.

Interestingly enough, California residents in urban areas are the least likely to purchase a gun for protection. Less than one gun per hundred residents have been sold in Los Angeles County in 2016 while the Inland Empire and more rural northern California counties have higher rates.