Disarming the American People

All people justify disarming anyone whom they believe is a threat.

However, our government can never convincingly justify disarming its own people. Our elected officials do not have the power nor the right to label their constituents as a whole as a threat. That’s why they can never justify disarming us. We live in a country with an elected representative government. If our elected representatives argue that we are a threat to them, then they are no longer fit to represent us because in that moment, they have taken away the power of our vote and replaced it with the power of their own ambitions.

If they believe they must protect themselves from us, they now perceive themselves separate from us. No representative government can ever be separate from the people it represents.

While our government leaders can’t justify forcibly disarming us, they could make the case to the people that we no longer need an armed citizenry. That would require amending the Constitution and eliminating the Second Amendment. For that to happen, we need a serious and comprehensive national discussion about the modern case for or against an armed citizenry.