Undercover Video Exposes the "Common Sense" of Gun Control

Just when I think I couldn’t possibly adore Steven Crowder any more, he releases undercover video exposing his latest stunt to show how little anti-gun ninnies know about guns and gun rights.


Standing behind a table featuring several different types of semi-automatic guns, Crowder posed as a member of the Citizen’s Coalition for Common Sense Gun Reform, CCCGR… er, CCCGSR, and asked non-gun owners which guns they thought should be banned in America.

Undercover video taken from the experiment is, shall we say, filled with cringe-worthy moments of realization that the gun control agenda is filled with soldiers who possess absolutely zero knowledge of firearms, much less the common sense to do a little research on what they’re trying to ban.

I cannot state this enough: these uneducated people vote. It’s frankly a little bit scary. As in holy crap, hide under a blanket.

Behold the idiots in all their glory:

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