Op-Ed Highlights the Ignorance of Gun Control Advocates

A brilliant letter was published on Rochester, MN’s online news publication Post Bulletin highlighting the ignorance of those behind the gun control agenda.


Letter: Stricter gun-control laws can help people feel safe

Once again a tragic gun accident has occurred — in Florida this time. A woman originally from Austin was accidentally shot. She was a mother of two.

I can’t imagine my mother being shot.

I lived in the United Kingdom about 20 years ago. They have strict gun-control laws. I felt so safe traveling and living in the UK.

I hope America soon gets tighter gun-control laws, so we all can be safer.

Lawmakers need to listen and do something now.

Jane Smith, Rochester

First of all, I agree that accidents with guns are tragic but I also know they are 100% avoidable. If gun safety was taught to every single American and the four rules of gun safety were drilled into children from an early age, much like “Stop, Drop and Roll”, tragedies like the one Jane Smith cites would be drastically reduced. It’s the reason I’m such a staunch supporter of efforts by the NSSF like Project ChildSafe and the NRA through the Eddie Eagle Program.

Secondly, feelings do not equal facts. Ms. Smith may claim ‘stricter gun-control laws can help people feel safe’ but that doesn’t mean citizens are actually safer.


As AWR Hawkins reports:

Mexico has all-out ban on complete categories of firearms, strict limitations on the number and caliber of legal arms citizens can own, comprehensive background checks, and further limits on firearm possession that are based on the declared purposes of the firearms. Yet much as the gun control experiment in Chicago has proven, the gun control schema in Mexico is correlating with rampant violent crime rather than a reduction in such crime. In fact, Mexico’s homicide rate is “more than five times higher” that the homicide rate in the U.S., where guns are easier to acquire and easier to carry daily for self-defense.

Finally, if Ms. Smith likes the UK so much, she’s free to return. But as long as she stays here in America, she should respect that our fundamental right of self defense and the insurance policy of an armed militia to protect a free people from a tyrannical government is protected by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

No matter how she feels about it.

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