Did the Number of Background Checks Increase in August? Take a Wild Guess

As the calls for an increase in gun control is heard throughout the political elite, we the little people continue to vote with our wallets.

The FBI reported a total of 1,853,815 National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) background checks were conducted in August 2016 – that’s a 6% increase from August 2015. Not too shabby, considering the August 2015 adjusted NICS figure of 1,031,959 was the second-highest August on record.

Although the report reflected a continuing trend of an increased number of background checks performed on gun sales each month, August sales weren’t as robust as previous months.

That being said, slow and steady wins the race.


Meanwhile, in California, residents continue to buy guns in record numbers and gun stores are reporting a run on guns Governor Jerry Brown is trying to outlaw in the state. In August, The Golden State recorded 176,770 background checks, second only to the state of Illinois who recorded 185,912 for the month.

Christopher Lapinski, operations manager at Last Stand Readiness & Tactical in Sacramento, CA, said he’s been witnessing the effects of gun control first hand, as he’s selling to more people coming in to buy MSRs before the law takes effect.

“The whole anti-gun movement, taking guns from citizens, literally has everyone and their grandmother buying firearms before they can’t get them anymore because they want to be able to be protected,” said Lapinksi.

As Lapinski works with gun owners across the state in an effort to get a referendum on the ballot to overturn the new law this November, said he is considering taking the Last Stand out of California.

“We’ve looked into having to relocate to a different state, which is a terrible thing because we put money into this state,” said Lapinski.

Oct 24, 2021 2:30 PM ET