For Democrats, Clinging to Guns and Religion Puts You in This Basket

In what Hillary Clinton only half apologized for as a “grossly generalistic” (sic) characterization of half of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s supporters as “a basket of deplorables” that received so much media attention over this past weekend, we hear both a genuine elitist attitude toward Americans and a familiar political echo.

As we enter the two-month countdown to Nov. 8, we are reminded of 2008 presidential candidate Barack Obama’s similar lecturing remarks to some of his supporters about Americans who feel bitter and turn to “God, guns and have antipathy toward people who aren’t like them ” to make themselves feel better. The then Democratic standard bearer had to apologize for that remark, too. But, there’s no evidence he ever stopped believing it.

So, as you consider the candidates and their records before you cast your ballots, take a look at their expressed attitudes and their often very telling apologies. The past does not have to be prologue. Do your own research.