The Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence Campaign


A few short weeks ago, I reached out to Beth Baumann to ask if I could give her contact into to the NRA for a project. As we were catching up, chatting about the industry and what each of us were working on, we started talking about where women go when they’re looking for resources on gun safety and firearms training. I told her my biggest gripe with the industry – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – is that there are so many resources for people looking to strengthen their personal protection plan, that often times, people have a hard time finding what they need. And sometimes, when something is overwhelming, people give up and stop looking.


I told her the main reason I’m doing what I’m doing now is that I covered the story of Carol Bowne last June and her story resonated in me the calling to help women who needed support of reporters and trainers in the industry who can help guide them from victims to survivors.

And so the idea for the Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence campaign was born.

What started out as a grassroots effort to provide a central directory for anyone looking for news and resources to get started in strengthening their personal protection plan has rolled into a full-fledged campaign. With the support of the NSSF’s Project ChildSafe, the NRA’s Eddie Eagle and Refuse to be a Victim programs, The Well Armed Woman, Brownells, Daniel Defense, Leupold, Walther and Tactical Walls, we are launching what I hope will not only be an annual event every October for domestic violence awareness month, but a resource for people year-round.

The main goal of the Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence campaign is to show our support for survivors of domestic violence and bring awareness to the reality of what can happen after victims leave an abusive relationship. As you know, the media does it’s best to bury how much the gun industry and gun owners work to provide resources for all survivors, whether their experience prompts them to carry a gun or not. Through education and resources, we hope everyone will arm themselves with the knowledge of how to take control of their personal protection rather than putting the key to their safety in someone else’s pocket.


As part of the campaign, we joined with the Well Armed Woman and the NRA to partner with Carol Bowne’s family in creating Carol’s Crusaders: a network of instructors and gun ranges generously offering a discount (monetary or percentage) to anyone with an active restraining order who is looking to receive firearms training in the month of October.

We’ll also be sharing stories of strength and courage of those who have stood up against their abusers to take control of their lives and empower themselves with the tools the Refuse to be a Victim program and concealed carry courses NRA Certified Instructors provide in their communities every day.

Whether its protecting your home with an MSR or taking a concealed carry course, joining a local firearms training group or learning the tips and techniques you need to be alerted to dangerous situations, the Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence campaign aims to highlight just how many options people have to help them go from victim to survivor.

One connection at a time.

Please share this campaign using the hashtag #BAADV and together, we can help empower others to strengthen their personal protection plans and refuse to be a victim of domestic violence.


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