Why Buy an AR-15? Pat Rogers Answered in his Final Speech

Retired Chief Warrant Officer Of Marines and retired NYPD Sergeant Pat Rogers was a legend in the firearms training community. Here he answers the common question, “Why buy an AR-15?”


I was lucky enough to be in the front row for Pat’s last seminar on ARs at the NRA’s Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA this past February where he talked frankly about lubes, UTMs, training and the National Rifle Association.

“If you’re not a member of the NRA – you suck,” Pat told us that day. “The NRA is the only organization that we have out here now that can effectively fight at the national level. That’s it.”

Pat went on to explain that although the organization does frequently ask for money from it’s members, that money is going to fund the good fight; working to stop people who are trying to restrict our Second Amendment rights.

“The sky is falling and it is, it’s truly falling. If we don’t fight these people, if we don’t fight these people constantly, they’re gonna take everything away from us. I’m a strong believer in the constitution,” he continued. “If we lose the second amendment, everything else is gonna go rapidly downhill.”

Hear what else Pat had to say in this seminar:

*DISCLAIMER: I can be seen in the video on my cell phone, but I want to clarify that I was taking notes as well as video and sharing Pat’s comments on social media.

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