Sheriff Clarke: My ‘Biggest Fear’ is Police Second-Guessing Use of Force

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke joined Fox&Friends Friday where he shared his “biggest fear” – that following harsh retaliation to officer-involved shootings, America’s law enforcement officers would start to second guess themselves on the job.


Responding to a story out of Chicago, IL in which a female officer admitted she chose not to use force to stop a brutal beating of three officers because she didn’t want her family or the department to have to go through the scrutiny by organizations like Black Lives Matter, Clarke pointed out that the current state of police relations has been a long time coming.

“It’s my biggest fear coming out of Ferguson, I said those sorts of things in December of 2014, that sooner or later the American police officer would become less assertive and they would start to second guess themselves,” Sheriff Clarke said Friday.

“And I’m all across this nation talking to cops now, including here in New York City, I’m recognizable to by most cops – and I tell them – I say, ‘trust your judgment. You have to trust your judgment, I know this is going to be ugly for you during this period of time but the law is on your side,’” Clarke concluded.

Watch Sheriff Clarke’s full interview on the curvy couch here:

*shoutout to my buddy Pete Hegseth who did a GREAT job co-hosting Friday’s show!

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