Wisconsin Gun Deer Season Boosts Gun Sales After Election

Gun sales may have plateaued, or slowed, depending on who you turn to for your news, following Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the presidential election, but in Northern Wisconsin, the gun deer season is keeping many gun stores busy.


“Selling a lot of hunting rifles,” said Kyle Engels, an employee of Gus’ Guns in Suamico, WI. “People were pretty much getting ready for the season the last month or so.”

“It just finally calmed down,” said Mark Micoley, owner of Rocky Ridge Shooters Supply in Oconto Falls. “Everybody running to get those last-minute items they needed. Mainly today, it’s been you know, ‘I need a knife. I need some ammo, maybe a hat.’”

Micoley said his store got so busy in the weeks leading up to gun deer season, that he had to increase his staff to handle the influx of customers. Something all business owners hope for this time of year.

“Easily 50, 60 guns and ammo cases,” he said. “I couldn’t really tell you how many cases of it (ammo).”

But as grateful as Micoley is for the business in his store, he’s even more grateful to witness the beautiful tradition of hunting in Wisconsin as it is passed down from generation to generation.

“There are so many families come in here,” he said. “I had a couple [of] families today that were picking up just little things. One gal was coming in just to get a sling for her rifle. And you can see that it’s being passed down.”

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