Bearing Arms Exclusive: Brownells Black Friday Preview

Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know… that can tell you things you may not know.

Lemme explain: As we previously reported, Brownells has expanded their categories to include firearms, making them the largest one-stop-shop for gun owners and enthusiasts by offering firearms and nearly any part, accessory or tool possible to make that new firearm uniquely their own.


What could be better than that? A sale on said categories, of course.

Well we’re excited to be able to give Bearing Arms readers a sneak peek at what Brownells is offering in this year’s Black Rifle Friday Sale!

The sale is basically broken up into two categories: Site-wide promotion codes that can be used on any product and major discounts on a select number of products.

Here are a few of our Top Picks:

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But if you really want to save even more money, then just use these Promo Codes!


*Promo code MUST BE ENTERED AT CHECKOUT to receive the discounts/free shipping.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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