#SurvivalGuideToThanksgiving: Repealing the Second Amendment

Last week I had the pleasure of joining Colion Noir on his new show CNLive on NRATV to talk about the non-binding referendum that passed in Oak Park Township, IL to repeal the Second Amendment.


During the discussion, an interesting point came up about what fuels the gun control agenda that I think not enough people consider when discussing Second Amendment rights with people in the opposite camp. Whether it’s my background as a Private Detective or just my natural ability to read people and effectively respond to their concerns, I’ve had great success in getting my point across when I’ve had the opportunity to discuss gun rights with individuals who believe gun control is the only way to curtail gun violence.

The bottom line is this: nobody is encouraging gun violence. Not gun control groups. Not the gun lobby. Not gun owners. Not nobody. Everybody wants to spare families the pain of losing a loved one to a senseless tragedy. We just happen to have solutions that happen to be irreconcilable.

A good tip to survive a potentially heated Thanksgiving discussion, whether it’s about guns, politics, or your aunt Nancy’s hairstyle from 1982, is to acknowledge the honorable (but often misguided) place from which they get the drive to advance their agenda.

Watch Colion and I talk about one man’s mission to repeal the Second Amendment in Oak Park Township, IL:

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