In Melbourne, Criminals Bypass Strict Laws by Printing Their Own Guns

‘Member how Hillary Clinton and the gun control agenda was touting the success of Australia’s strict gun laws? ‘Member?

Even twenty years after Australia enacted tough gun laws, here’s what happens when criminals want to get their hands on a firearm:

Seven men and two women were arrested, while 14 guns, two stolen vehicles, cash and drugs were allegedly seized during the raids.

“We’ve also seized a 3D printer which was used to manufacture some of those firearms, highlighting a significant risk to the community,” Superintendent Amy Gledden told reporters on Sunday.

“It’s relatively new technology and it’s been tested in forensic areas in different police agencies and this is one time we’ve actually seized them in Victoria.”

Police also seized silver ingots and a sword.

“This syndicate was able to access large quantities of drugs and was also responsible for the trafficking and the manufacture of firearms,” Supt Gledden said.

“They then armed themselves to carry out serious offences and presented a significant risk to our community.”

Whaaaat? Criminals found a way to get their hands on guns even after being told they couldn’t have them? Say it isn’t so!

In spite of the Australian government’s attempts to ban them, there are more than a quarter million “illegal” firearms in Australia. And when ‘real’ guns aren’t readily available to citizens, they’re able to print them and have free reign to victimize a large portion of unarmed law-abiding citizens.

Well done, Australia: you’ve shown us exactly what we don’t want to do.

Sep 22, 2021 6:30 PM ET