Thief Robs Alabama Store, But Armed Good Samaritan Has Different Plans

Source: Heflin PD
Source: Heflin PD

An armed good samaritan was in the right place at the right time late Thursday night, and took the opportunity to step in to save a gas station employee and fellow customers from an armed robber.

Police say the armed man may have been watching the station, waiting for the right time to make his move. Just after 11:15PM, dressed head-to-toe in black and wearing a face mask, the suspect pulled a gun inside a Chevron station in Heflin, AL and demanded money from the gas station clerk at gunpoint.

But the armed robber didn’t get off without a fight.

“A customer was about to exit and he pushed the customer back and told him ‘Don’t leave, stay where you’re at or I’ll kill you guys’,” said Heflin Police Chief A.J. Benefield. “Our, we call him good samaritan, customer retrieved his firearm and engaged the suspect.”

Benefield said the armed good samaritan customer fired four shots; two at the suspect and two at the suspect’s vehicle, and could not tell if the armed robber returned fire. But the incident didn’t end when the suspect reached his vehicle.

“He sped off very quickly, he drove towards our good samaritan and he engaged him (the suspect) with two more rounds,” said Benefield.

Unsure if the suspect was hit, police are checking local hospitals for any recent gunshot victims in their search for the armed robber. They say the suspect’s vehicle was hit at least twice.

Police report the suspect was last seen heading East on I-20 towards Atlanta and authorities are asking anyone with information on the armed robbery to contact Heflin police.