Texas Residents Used Deadly Force to Protect Their Property on Christmas

Who hasn’t heard the saying, “Don’t mess with Texas”?

Apparently, these guys.

Police are investigating two separate incidents of homeowners using deadly force to protect their property this past Christmas weekend.

A homeowner in Kingwood, TX was in his home with his family Christmas Eve when he discovered his house had been broken into.

According to police, the incident happened around 9:45 p.m. Saturday on Longleaf Pines Lane when a resident noticed broken glass in a front window of his home.

Police said as he was checking out the glass, the homeowner noticed a suspect in his home. He then alerted his son who was also in the house with his wife.

The son, who carries a weapon, shot the suspect. He died in the home.

On Christmas morning, a homeowner in Fort Bend County’s Mission Bend area caught a glimpse of a robber by chance.

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s deputies tell us a man on Malin Court got up early Sunday to get a glass of water and noticed someone on his security system going through his truck.

The homeowner went outside, and saw something in the suspect’s hand. He didn’t know what it was and then, according to deputies, saw the suspect make a move toward his waistband.

That is when he opened fire, fearful the suspect had a weapon.

Police said the homeowner shot at least three rounds; 2 hit the suspect, and one hit a neighbor’s car. Fortunately for the homeowner, his neighbor, Michael Adams, isn’t too upset about the damage to his Lexus.

“I am sad about my car but you know we gotta look out for each other here because there have been a lot of break ins here,” Adams said.