We've Come a Long Way, Ladies: Hilarious Vintage Ad Targets Women

Check out this vintage ad one of our Tweeps sent us on the social media:


In part, the ad reads:

A woman, if attacked while alone in the house, will oftentimes feel faint. Why? The thought of utter helplessness comes over her when she realizes she is alone, and the thought strikes her senses cold.

The Savage Automatic (32 cal.) will banish the thought of helplessness. Let a woman know she is able, without practice, to shoot straight, and see the change in her.

A timid woman will remain cool and show presence of mind when in peril, if she knows a 10-shot Savage is at hand. It gives her astonishing nerve. Instead of fainting, she will drive her assailant off. Here is a sure prescription for nerve. Hand your wife or mother a Savage.


How funny is that?

From feeling faint to becoming the fastest growing demographic of gun owners:  We’ve definitely come a long way, ladies!

Still looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for the special woman in your life? Give her a gift certificate to a local gun store so she can find the right gun to fit her hand and her lifestyle. The effect on her peace of mind when she is alone will last a lifetime.

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