Mississippi Woman Gives Ex-Boyfriend the Ultimate Kiss-Off

It’s Valentine’s Day and that means an increase in attacks by psychotic ex-boyfriends and girlfriends!

Sometimes, the only way you can effectively relay the message that “no means no” is with a bullet.

On Sunday morning, a woman in was forced to draw her weapon and shoot her ex-boyfriend after he allegedly broke into her Jackson, MS. home uninvited.

Authorities say Eugene Ladell, 27, was shot after he allegedly broke into the Castle Hill Driver home of his ex-girlfriend early Sunday morning. According to Jackson Police Department Cmdr. Tyree Jones, he was transported to the hospital where he is currently in stable condition.

Police are not releasing the homeowner’s name, but say the woman was taken in for questioning and has been released. She will not be facing any charges stemming from the incident.

Ladell may be charged upon his release from the hospital.