Violent Home Intruder No Match For Armed Oklahoma Homeowner

A homeowner in Del City, OK had to resort to quick thinking and a quick draw when his house was targeted by a violent home intruder Saturday night.

Police say the incident happened in the 4400 block of SE 37th Street about 9:30 p.m. after the suspect aggressively broke through the homeowner’s front door. Officers said there was an altercation leading up to the shooting, because the homeowner was also injured.


“The person shot was possibly out here in the street parked in a car a short time earlier where a female had left him in a very intoxicated state,” said Del City Police Major Jody Suit.

The suspect was taken to OU Medical Center by paramedics and died at the hospital. The homeowner was also taken to a hospital for his injury.

The homeowner told police he did not know or have any association with the suspect and police confirm the homeowner is not facing any charges stemming from the incident at this time.

Think about where you would be in your home at 9:30 pm on any given night: would you have been able to be prepared to take on a violent home intruder?

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