Violent Home Intruder Picks on the Wrong Mama in Maine

A violent home intruder was finally stopped Sunday night after the elderly homeowner’s son came to her defense.

Authorities said the incident started just after 7 p.m. at a home on Lyons Road in Sidney, Maine.

Audrey Hewett, 84, told Kennebec County Sheriff’s deputies a man knocked on her door and asked to use the phone. She told him to go next door, but the man forced his way into the home, officials said.

Hewett locked herself in her bedroom and called her son, 47-year-old Eric Hewett, who lives next door, officials said.

Hewett’s son confronted the suspect when he arrived, but the man hit him in the head. The attack continued until Eric Hewett shot the suspect in the upper chest, according to sheriff’s deputies.

Police said Eric Hewett was transported to an Augusta hospital for his head injury, and his mother was not harmed in the incident.

The suspect, Dreaquan Foster of Providence, RI, was hospitalized for his gunshot wound but is expected to survive to face charges for his crime.