Forced to Watch His Uncle's Murder, Mississippi Man Shoots Armed Robbers

A Mississippi man was forced to arm himself in self-defense against multiple home intruders who broke into his family’s home Sunday night.

“I was actually inside with a gun in my face,” said Cortney Mosley.


The incident happened shortly after 2AM at Mosley’s house on Burton Road in Olive Branch, MS. Several family members were in the family home at the time of the break-in, including Courtney’s 58-year-old uncle Curtis Mosley.

Courtney said after the armed intruders entered the home, they demanded money from him and his family at gunpoint. That’s when a fight broke out between his uncle and the suspects.

“After the scuffle, I seen them shoot my uncle,” he said.

At that point, Mosley was able to grab his girlfriend’s pistol and shot two of the intruders.

“They just killed my uncle in front of me. They’re in my house,” Mosley said. “Not only in my house, but where I lay my head.”

DeSoto County investigators have identified two of the intruders as Deangelo Miquel Tinnin and Miriko Dairyell Simmons. Tinnin was shot dead in the Mosley home and Simmons was transported to Regional Medical Center in Memphis where he is listed in stable condition. The other suspect or suspects fled the scene after Mosley shot their accomplices.


“I’m very upset that this even happened to us,” Mosley’s girlfriend Kemberly Scott said.

“We’re very confused right now about why this house was chosen,” said Mosley’s sister Maggie Dean. “We’ve been living in this house for over 50 years. This is a family house.”

Mosley and his girlfriend did sustain minor injuries from the incident but are expected to recover.

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