Good Samaritan Draws Weapon, Confronts Purse Snatcher in Ohio

In Ohio, Franklin Police are crediting a good samaritan for doing what most concealed carriers carry to do: help others.

Police said on Monday, June 5, 2017, an 84-year-old woman was walking up toward Shurform Laminates on Main Street in Franklin, OH when an armed robber approached her and stole her purse.


But wouldn’t you know it? Mary Moore, a concealed carry permit holder, was driving down Main Street and witnessed the incident.

Instead of driving right by or even calling the police or, Mary whipped her car around and came to the elderly woman’s assistance.

Moore told police she ran after the suspect and, when she caught up with the thief, ordered him to drop the purse. When the suspect refused to give up the loot, Mary drew her weapon and commanded again to ‘drop the purse!’ in a forceful manner.

That convinced the purse snatcher to comply and he dropped the purse, fleeing the scene on foot in the direction of a bike path along the Great Miami River.

Paul Buress, who had witnessed the incident, ran after the suspect.

Moore returned the purse to the elderly woman and reported the incident to the Franklin Police.

The 84-year-old woman received another surprise on Tuesday when the owners’ of Shurform Laminates, after hearing of the ordeal she endured on her way into their store, gave her free laminates.

Good women, men, and companies helping fellow citizens. Now that’s a feel-good story!

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