UPDATE: Active Shooter Situation on Travis Air Force Base Was a FALSE ALARM

We are getting reports of an active shooter situation at Travis Air Base base just outside Fairfield, California.

Officials at the base posted a “real world” security alert on the Travis AFB Facebook page just before 3:30 p.m. Wednesday asking people to shelter in place and to lock doors and windows.

“Travis Air Force Base is currently responding to a security incident,” Fairfield Police Department said this afternoon. “More details will be released as they become available. The public is being asked to stay away from the base to ensure emergency responders can respond accordingly.”

Travis AFB had been conducting exercise drills earlier today, but officials at the base have confirmed this is a “real world security incident,” not a drill.

We will update you on the situation as more information becomes available.


It appears the lockdown on Travis AFB has been lifted at this time.

Simultaneously, reports the incident may have been a false alarm are also surfacing:

The Sacremento Bee reports:

“There were reports of potential gunshots outside of the base exchange. Emergency personnel responded immediately,” Staff Sgt. Nicole Leidholm said. “No shooter was found, and the base lock down was lifted.

“We’ll be looking into the details of what surrounded it.”

Officials at Travis Air Force Base have confirmed the active shooter reports were FALSE, posting the following update on their Facebook page just minutes ago:

Glad this was not an active shooter situation, but we’ll continue to update you on what prompted the lockdown on Travis Air Force Base.