The Taurus Raging Hornet Packs More Than a Wicked Sting

Say what you want about Taurus (go ahead, we do) but the Raging Hornet is a piece of work.

Varmint-rifle performance and accuracy in a double action revolver. That’s what you get with our unique Raging Accuracy series. They are built with the same massively strong design as our Raging Bull™ 454 Casull revolver, with a signature bright Hornet Yellow grip insert. They feature dual cylinder lockup, eight-shot capacity, and a heavy unported 10-inch barrel for maximum shooting stability. The Raging Hornet comes in .22 Hornet and when fired, barely moves in your hand. Each gun is drop hammer forged and comes fully equipped with precision-adjustable open sights—but to get truly Raging Accuracy you’ll want to use the included new Taurus Scope Mount Base to fit a high-magnification scope.


It was too stunning for Demolition Ranch to resist as well. How does it stack up?

Check it out:

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