HILARIOUS!! Liberal Revolution Tries to Steal Ammunition From the Gunnies Next Door

Hey, it’s not The Onion, but it’s pretty darn close!

In a brilliant video posted by Liberal Revolution via Facebook, a sharply dressed genderqueer individual speaks into the camera to deliver an impassioned, and very much satirical, call-to-arms to his fellow liberals in the revolution.


“Remember how I was talking about how I want everyone to steal ammunition from gun owners’ houses cuz it’s a public health and safety risk,” the liberal rant begins.

But they don’t want to take your ammo from us so we can’t shoot it, their line of thinking is mucho más caliente.

“If there’s a house fire, bullets are gonna go everywhere and they’re gonna kill us!”

Wait – is somebody going around setting gun owners’ houses on fire!?!

The satirical shenanigans continue when he enlists his friend Sabrina to help him break into his new neighbor’s place to steal the ammo they’ve indicated they do not keep in a gun safe, but rather in their laundry room.

WARNING: this is a parody of how liberals really think. You may experience fits of laughter. Some viewers have reported snorting as a result of watching this video. Consult your physician if symptoms persist for more than four hours.

RIP Sabrina: we’ll never forget you.

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