Question of the Day: Do You Carry In and Around Your Home?

It’s a simple, yet pointed question for gun owners: Do you carry when you’re in and around your home?

I’ll tell you why I’m asking. Last week, I saw a video on Facebook of a woman who was brutally attacked by a home intruder as her young child sat by and watched. The suspect entered the home, catching the woman off guard, and the nanny cam shows him beating her severely, punching her over and over before walking upstairs to rob the house. reports:

During the attack, the victim’s 3-year-old daughter sat on a couch just feet away from where her mother was beaten. The woman’s 18-month-old son was asleep on the second floor of the home.

The woman, whose name has been withheld at the request of the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, said she suffered a broken bone in her back, broken teeth and a strained knee. She said she still has no feeling on the right side of her body as a result of the beating.

However, she said the emotional effects have been worse. She was forced to move and has been unable to work. She carries a security alarm device at all times, and she becomes anxious each time her doorbell rings.

“He (Custis) has taken my sense of security. I spend more time in therapy when I should be spending it with my family,” she said.

This video was another reminder for me that while home storage items like this console table from Secret Compartments Furniture are a great option for easy access throughout the home, we really need to be prepared for anything at any time.

Carrying on your person in and around your home to ensure access to a weapon for self-defense is the best practice, but how many of us do on a daily basis?

WARNING: this video contains disturbing scenes.

Viewer Discretion is Advised: