Four-Time Serial Gun Felon Sentenced in Federal Court

You know, I’m always saying that if the gun control agenda truly wanted to stop gun violence, they’d focus on harsher sentences for repeat offenders who show time and time again they have no respect for gun laws.

Prime example?


On Monday, July 17, 2017, the ATF released the following statement regarding a serial gun felon in the state of Alabama.

Acting United States Attorney Steve Butler of the Southern District of Alabama announced that Roosevelt Jones, 52, of Selma, was sentenced today in federal court on charges involving his illegal possession of a firearm.

Jones has three prior convictions for being a felon in possession of a firearm in federal court. Jones was serving concurrent terms of supervised release from his two most recent convictions of illegally possessing firearms when he was arrested on the event that resulted in the current prosecution.

Jones was stopped by a state trooper in Dallas County when he attempted to avoid a driver’s license checkpoint. The trooper noticed that he had a gun on the back seat of his vehicle and determined that Jones had criminal history.

Jones was indicted in February of 2017 on the charges in the current case, and he pled guilty to them in April of 2017.

A serial gun felon with three prior convictions of felon in possession of a firearm?! Can you even imagine what his sentence must have been?!

Not much, actually.

United States District Court Judge Kristi K. Dubose imposed a sentence of 21 months imprisonment, to be followed by a three year term of supervised release. She also revoked his concurrent terms of supervised release on the old cases and ordered a six-month term of imprisonment, to run concurrently with the sentence in the current case. The judge did not impose a fine, but ordered that Jones pay $100 in special assessments.

Less than two years in jail for proving time and time and time and time again that this convicted felon has no regard for gun laws.

As long as the federal courts refuse to impose harsher sentences for repeat offenders, criminals will continue to break gun laws.

It’s really as simple as that.

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