Florida Fast-Tracks Concealed Weapons Licenses to 82,000 Military Members

Score one for the good guys!

Florida politicians are stepping up to help arm our soldiers here at home, working to fast-track the concealed weapons licenses to 82,000 military members and honorably discharged veterans since a pair of terror-related shootings took place on military installations in Tennessee two years ago.


The News Chief reports:

State Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, who along with Gov. Rick Scott helped expedite the permitting process as part of the state’s reaction to the shootings in Chattanooga, Tenn., made an appearance Tuesday to discuss the effort, which has played a part in Florida’s increased number of people allowed to carry concealed firearms.

“This is just one example of what we do through our department to make Florida the most veteran- and military-friendly state in the nation,” Putnam said during an appearance at the National Guard Armory in Tallahassee.

“Gun-free zones, where the victims have no opportunity to defend themselves, ought to be modified in a responsible way so that people can exercise their Second Amendment rights and protect themselves,” Putnam said.

Amen to that and to a common sense response to crime that will serve to protect citizens’ right to keep and bear arms, but you know that only breeds outrage and sharp criticism from liberal gun grabbers. And wouldn’t you know it? In Florida, they’re still triggered over… THAT NRA VIDEO WITH DANA LOESCH!!!

As Putnam was speaking, Democrats criticized him about a comment posted online Monday about people protesting in Tampa over a recent National Rifle Association recruitment video.

“Classic progressive move,” Putnam said on Facebook. “Desperate attempt to limit our 2nd Amendment rights.”

Florida Democratic Party spokeswoman Johanna Cervone called the video, narrated by NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, an attempt to “provoke fear and stoke the flames of division.”

“If Adam Putnam is endorsing this video, he’s encouraging violence against fellow Americans,” Cervone said in a prepared statement. “Could Putnam be more transparent in his pandering to the far right? It’s clear Putnam is more than a little insecure about his credentials as a conservative.”

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, who is running as a Democrat for governor, also was critical of Putnam for supporting the video.

“It’s a shameful day when someone who wants to lead our state stands behind such violent, divisive rhetoric, and against commonsense gun protections for Floridians,” Gillum said in a prepared statement.


Putnam is running for Governor in 2018, and since his stance on the Second Amendment issues triggers Democrats, let’s hope Floridians get behind him bigly.

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