Sign Calls Out the Idiotic Debate on Campus Carry

On Thursday, a picture of a sign reportedly posted outside a lab at the University of Georgia rose to the top of Reddit and triggered a bold command from Moms Demand harpy-in-chief Shannon Watts.


The sign informs students that “in the interest of personal safety”, open-toed shoes, shorts, and loose clothing are safety hazards and therefore not allowed in the lab, but that firearms, which are carried for personal safety, are allowed.

Makes sense, right? The prohibited items could put students at risk of tripping, catching fire or exposing their skin to chemical burns while the permitted items could serve as a tool to protect lives should a situation present a danger to students in the lab. Seems pretty cut and dry.

But what do gun control activists see?

An opportunity to scare parents who may be considering sending their children to colleges in states that allow campus carry. Oh, my!!

Well, perhaps parents don’t send their kids off to college anymore and, since most college students are over the age of 18, they can do whatever the hell they want, but earlier today, Watts tweeted:

“Parents – Don’t send your kids to college in GA, AR, CO, ID, KS, MS, OR, TN, TX, UT, or WI:

Wow. I.Don’t.Know.What.We.Could.Ever.Say.To.Dispute.This.

Just kidding.

“Comparing the proper attire with the legal choice to arm oneself for self-defense in a lab environment on a college campus is either willfully dishonest or just plain ignorant,” said Michael Newbern, Assistant Director of Public Relations for Students for Concealed Carry.

“The items shown on the sign Watts referenced are banned in labs to prevent exposure in the case of a chemical spill, something that happens frequently when students are actively pouring and mixing them. However, the risk presented by permitting licensed concealed carry in labs is much, much less,” Newbern continued. “According to the University of Texas campus carry working group, there is absolutely no evidence of an escalation of violence as a result of campus concealed carry.”
Whoops! Sorry, Shannon – you and countless other parents are just going to have to accept that the Second Amendment rights of students who dare to go to college in GA, AR, CO, ID, KS, MS, OR, TN, TX, UT, or WI will continue to be honored and upheld.
<sad trombone>

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